One Club Denver

Denver, meet the number one.

The Art Directors Club Denver relaunched as The ONE Club for Creativity - Denver in 2017. We designed the identity and visual theme for the annual awards show coinciding with the identity transition.

Visual Identity
Collateral Design
Art Direction
Visual Identity

Our work began before the ADCD relaunched as The ONE Club and we were tasked with creating an identity that might hint towards the change while not giving away the reveal. "One" was the central, multidimensional theme to our work: introducing The ONE Club, being unique, being number one, highlighting the best work in the industry.

Event Collateral

The prior year's annual show featured a cleaner, darker, minimalist theme and The ONE Club wanted a contrasting look for the 2017 show. Building off of the "one" theme, we created a series of visually evocative posters. some featuring famous one word movie quotes, overlaying an energetic composition of colorful shapes.

Project Team
Brad Todd