Branding for fast moving companies.

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Brand Sprints

It’s not about being faster, it’s about working better.

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Building a brand takes months when working with traditional agencies.

You’re at the mercy of their other projects, deadlines, and the myriad distractions that come with juggling dozens of clients.

The Brand Sprint lets us do all the work that normally gets spread over several months in a matter of weeks. We can make this happen because we work with one client at at time.

With this approach—combined with tools that enable focused, confident decision-making—we deliver a complete brand. Along the way you also get:

Rapid Problem Solving

vs. Discussion With No Real Outcome

Real Testing & Outcomes

vs. Research Fatigue and Endless Iterations

Experts Guiding Your Own Ideas

vs. Being Sold Their Ideas

Predictable Schedules

vs. Reactive, Last Minute Meetings

Here's what a cohesive Brand Sprint might look like:

1–5 Days
Gather data and assemble your team

Onboarding Activities:

Everything we need to jump into our Brand Sprint

  • Complete Onboarding Survey
  • Share Relevant Metrics
  • Choose Your Sprint Team
  • Get Familiar with the Tools
  • 30 Minute Intro Call
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Brand Sprint
1–5 Days
Align your leadership, team, and audience

Actionable Brand 
Strategy Document

  • Includes 1–2 days of immersive workshop days
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2–3 Weeks
Create the visual language that speaks to your tribe

Visual Identity System

  • Primary Brandmark + Variations
  • Brand Usage Guide
  • Brand Asset Files
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2–3 Weeks*
Launch the heart of your digital universe

Custom Marketing Website

  • Content Workshop
  • Web Design
  • No Code Web Development
    (ex. Webflow)
  • Content Management

* Website content to be finalized prior to the start of the website sprint.

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Most Brand Sprints range from 2 to 6 weeks. Each Sprint is customized to your project goals, growth stage, and budget.

Ready to get started? Contact us to build the Brand Sprint that's right for you.

Define your brand in a single day.

Our Brand Sprints cost $12,000 and up. If you need to start small yet see big impact, try our brand workshops.

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