Johnson Logistics

For all your needs, Johnson Logistics has you covered.

Needing to differentiate Johnson Logistics from its parent company's residential moving business, we built a distinct web presence to support their continued expansion in the commercial moving space.

Visual Identity
Web Design
Web Development
Content Strategy
Brand Identity

Johnson needed to reposition it's commercial and logistics services as a stand alone brand and change the market perception that they were a residential mover trying to offer commercial services. We collaborated with their commercial team to incorporate brand refinements specific for the Logistics brand. These changes—while subtle—offered a professional and "commercial-first" identity for their potential clients.

Website Development

For this new site, we reshaped Logistics content from the main Johnson Storage & Moving site and focused the information on 4 key lines of commerical business. Our work emphasizes clear messaging and navigation.

Project Team
Brad Todd
Yannick Nelson