Practical lending for real humans.

Humin stands for human interaction. It was founded to bring together the personal touch common in traditional mortgage companies and the tech convenience of modern lenders.

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Visual Identity
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Brand Framework

Humin came to us with a clear brand idea—bring human interaction back into the mortgage industry by letting borrowers connect the way they feel most comfortable. Humin's mortgage experts build personal relationships while providing convenience through technology to create a better customer experience for borrowers. In our brand workshop, we worked with Humin to create a brand framework expanding on the core idea and setting the tone for effective marketing content.

Visual Identity

The Humin brand name quite literally stands for "human interaction". They sought an identity that captured the essence of this idea in a simple but impactful manner. The "smile" icon embodies the linking of these two words into human connection and evokes emotions that come with home ownership born out of a supported customer experience.

The words "human" and "interaction" turning into "humin"
Human brandmark color change animation
Humin brandmark grid and structure
Humin "smile" brandmark overlaying a father and son cooking pizza
Humin "smile" brandmark overlaying a mother and daughter playing airplane on the couch
Humin brand guidelines sample pages
Humin value proposition mockup: "Practical lending for real humans"
Humin branded vinyl sign: "Practical lending for real humans"
Humin branded billboard: "the next generation of mortgage company is here."
Web Design & Development

We worked with the Humin team to map out a website experience that clearly communicates their position while helping users identify the best mortgage products for their specific needs. Warm, inviting colors combined with expressive and authentic portraits of humans reinforce the core brand idea and namesake of the brand.

Humin homepage on a laptop screen
Humin homepage on a mobile phone
Project Team
Brad Todd
Yannick Nelson