Hospital Hands

On Call—On Your Terms

Hospital Hands is set to fundamentally change staffing for anesthesia talent. Via their web platform, Hospital Hands creates flexibility and choice for both medical facilities and providers, ultimately leading to better care and outcomes.

Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
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Brand Strategy

Existing staffing practices create inefficient and rigid conditions where anesthesiologists are stuck working long shifts with little flexibility while medical facilities are forced into hefty, long-term contracts. This often leads to antagonistic relationships between the two groups. Our challenge was to create compelling positioning that would resonate with both audiences, bringing them together to contribute to a new model of work. Hospital Hands' core brand architecture focuses on choice as the unifying idea, utilizing a common brand promise—"on your terms"—to engage both providers and facilities.

On Call—On Your Terms
A Modern Marketplace for Anesthesiology
Visual Identity

We wanted the Hospital Hands identity to be a signal for change, so it needed to stand apart from typical healthcare branding and be less clinical, less cold. In order to bring the brand essence to life while offering a unique visual perspective, we chose to emphasize providers holding anesthesia-specific tools. We directed a photoshoot that would allow us to capture realistic and credible hand positions and instrument use. We paired the images with a warm color palette to further build a more human feel for the brand.

Hospital Hands inline brandmark design
Hospital Hands inline brandmark design on a grid
Business cards falling
Hospital Hands inline brandmark design
Hospital Hands inline brandmark design
Blue Hospital Hands monogram design
Orange radiating circles on a forest green background
Hands wearing blue gloves holding a laryngoscope
Hands wearing blue gloves holding a epidural needle
Hands wearing purple gloves holding a oxygen mask
Patient and doctor hands holding a heart rate monitor
Hands wearing blue gloves holding an infant laryngoscope
Hands wearing purple gloves holding a stethoscope
Hands wearing purple gloves stretching a tourniquet
Hands wearing blue gloves holding a wire
Various brand guidelines pages
Hospital Hands billboard advertisement at a train station
Website Design & Development

The site content balanced introducing a new paradigm for healthcare staffing, positioning Hospital Hands as a complementary service to existing options rather than merely a competitor, and driving interest for both anesthesia providers and facilities who use them. To achieve these goals, clarity and brevity were key to getting the message across while the organization of the site helped easily guide each audience to the content most relevant to their needs.

Hospital Hands homepage displayed on a MacBook sitting on a metal desk
Facilities targeted subpage screen
Wearing medical gloves holding an iPhone with a menu
Various subpage mockups
Project Team
Brad Todd
Yannick Nelson