Fully Rebrand in Only 6 Weeks*

This\That works with fast-moving companies to launch brands sooner. We only work with one client at a time, so our complete focus is on your project.

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With our Brand Sprint model, you can launch in as little as 6 weeks.

A typical Brand Sprint looks something like this, but we customize it to your needs.

1–5 Days
Gather data and assemble your team
Brand Sprint
1 Week
Brand Alignment Sprint to align and define your core brand.
2 Weeks
Visual Identity Sprint to create your unique brandmark and guidelines.
3 Weeks
Website Sprint to get you an impactful, content focused marketing site.
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Our single project approach creates a unique client experience.

Predictability from start to finish

Client engagements are delineated into a series of workshops and sprints, all with clear goals and outcomes. This allows you to plan your team's involvement throughout the project with no surprise meetings or unexpected tasks.

Maximized focus and creative freedom

Without the distraction of other projects, we get to really experience a state of flow, allocate time to exploring the unexpected and embrace the challenges that emerge from the discovery process.

Facilitated simplicity through collaboration

You're never on your own partnering with This\That. We guide you through everything from goal setting to review sessions so you are making clear and informed decisions focused on defined success factors.

Momentum for branding and beyond

We're always engaged on your project and this means your project doesn't slip down the priority list–yours or ours. Most importantly, it lets us launch sooner so you can keep the momentum beyond the project.

Meet This\That
25+ Years of Brand Strategy & Design Experience
Yannick Nelson, Partner \ Strategy, This\That
Yannick Nelson
Partner \ Strategy
Brad Todd, Partner \ Creative, This\That
Brad Todd
Partner \ Creative

24 Weeks.
6 Months.
2 Quarters.

Most branding agencies need at least 6 months (24 weeks) to deliver a brand strategy, visual identity, and website. Sometimes it's even longer.

Can you afford to wait that long?

Our unique agency approach affords us the ability to deliver comprehensive branding to fast-moving companies in as little as 6 weeks without sacrificing quality or client experience.

You may have questions on how we can pull this off—and we get that.

If you're curious about launching a brand or rebranding your company in as little as 6 weeks, take the first step by completing this form to schedule a 45-minute intro call with our founders Yannick & Brad.

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